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Every month or so we like to show some interesting books we have found, at the moment we are looking at betting systems.

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Free Banking Plan

Download this free Banking Plan report with our compliments and see how it is possible to turn a 20p a pt stake into £96000.00

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"Win" Systems "Lay" Systems
Turner's Winning Ways The Bank Vault Report
Turners Winners GaloreNew
When we tested this system here, it produced win after win.

If you like to bet at least once a day then Turners Winning Ways will be right up your street!

Click here to learn more about this systems.

The Bank Vault ReportNew
You have heard of stop at a winner, well this is Stop at a Loser.

A great system that you should not be without.

Click here to learn more about this systems.

Turner's Winners Galore Losers into Winners
Turners Winners Galore 
3323.53 pts profit, without using any "Magical Staking System" or Bookie Beating scam!

"Turner's Winners Galore" is the latest system to hit the market and is not afraid to show you the data!

Click here to learn more about this systems.

Losers Into Winners 
One of the best guides around for discovering how to "lay" a bet on the exchanges.

Click here to learn more about this systems.

27 Horse Racing Systems revealed The lay betting System
27 Horse Racing Systems revealed 
Not 1 or 2 but 27 betting systems for you to try out.

Click here to learn about them.

Lay Betting System 
This is the very same system I use for the "Lay of the Day" bet in my daily FREE tips letter.
I kept getting asked for the system, so here it is!

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My Mathematical Formula Easy Money From Losers
My Mathimatical Formula 
This Formula will show you EXACTLY how meager odds of even (2-1 on) can be turned into 100's-1 with £1, £2 or £3 stakes.

Click here to learn about My Mathematical Formula.

Easy Money From Losers 
Another excellent "Lay" betting guide.

Click here to learn about Easy Money from losers.

abbeyRACING GOLD Superform
Abbeyrace Gold 
Take Any Investment, However Small And You Can Double It Every Month With The Minimum Of Risk And By Spending Just 15 Minutes A Day.

Click here to learn the secrets of AbbeyRACING GOLD.

Abbeyrace Gold 
I thought this was just going to be another "Lay" system, well it is but with amazing results.

Click here to learn more about Superform

The 3M Method Free Money Loophole
The 3M method 
So called because it just churns out the profits week after week through a system of placing multiple bets with a very high strike rate.

Click here to learn what 3M stands for.

Free Money Loophole
Although this is not a book about "Lay" betting it is an amazing concept!

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